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WeeDy's Test Results

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Raviel Blue

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PostSubject: WeeDy's Test Results Thu Nov 21, 2013 8:00 pm

Match 1~

Constellars vs. Bujins 1:2 - 20/20 Points

Performance - 16/20 Points

Duel 1: I started this one with omega and set for 4 , You use pod get tenki then search yamato , I bottomless yamato. Summon bear and i don't know why you didn't use veiler on bear it would have slowed me down abit and then i took the game slowly.

Duel 2: You started this one really nice , got yamato out , ditched turtle and had honest for defence which was enough for game with the hand i had, lol.

Duel 3: I made a mistake using pleiades at End phase on Yamato and well control kept shifting back and forward but you managed to get me at last with Mikazuchi , well played GG!

Deck - 20/30:

Your deck needs more work , Why are you playing Woflbark at 2 when it doesn't have any target except itself , Bujin Regalia isn't needed , Bear is missing , 1 The sword is enough and Kagutsuchi is good at 1 , Veilers are good but i would side them Because you need more defensive traps in there , Forbidden Garment isn't needed Because you don't need to protect yamato since he have enough protection with (Hand trap , Grave setup and Mikazuchi to back it up anytime), Bujin Yata too isn't needed and you are lacking a few defensive traps.

Match 2~

Zombies vs. Chaos Hieratics/Dragons - 0/5 Points

Performance - 10/15 Points

Duel 4: At Turn 5 why didn't you go for BLS to get rid of ogre dragon?! No other notable misplays there I had you locked with SSD , Crimson Blader and Ogre , GG!

Deck - 2/5 Points

Your deck looks weird lol . Zombies and Dragons don't work out well together so Zombie masters and Mezuki should be out of there , I would swap xyz reborn with decree and consider maybe playing Destiny draw with 4 Targets , I would also find space for Tour guide and night assaliant , they work well with chaos dragons and playing 3 Solar recharges with only 4 Targets is a bad idea.

Extra :

Using Different Decks +3 Points
Attitude +2 Points

Grand Total Points : 73/100

You have it to Uria Red Dorm! It's almost your deck construction , not your plays so tune your decks , Keep on practicing and Better Luck next time!
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PostSubject: Re: WeeDy's Test Results Thu Nov 21, 2013 9:20 pm

well i didnt fully read wolfark so i thought he ss any beast warrior. i mentioned that i forgot to change that at the beggining of the duel, its also my first bujins deck
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PostSubject: Re: WeeDy's Test Results Thu Nov 21, 2013 10:20 pm

Tester DP Awarded, Dorm Assigned & Thread Locked!

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PostSubject: Re: WeeDy's Test Results

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WeeDy's Test Results

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