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New Dorm System (Updated PLEASE READ)

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PostSubject: New Dorm System (Updated PLEASE READ) Wed Jun 08, 2016 6:45 pm

Dorm System

Here at New Order Academy, we will be trying a new system for advancing through dorms. We hope this new system will encourage activity and keep competition healthy.

Dorm Points and Advancing Through Dorms 

As you duel your fellow students you will accumulate Dorm Points. These points will determine your ranking within your respective dorm. You will gain 10 points for a win and lose 10 points for a loss. At the end of each month the top 7 for Uria, 5 for Hamon, 2 for Raviel  players will be given a chance to advance to the next dorm. (If you are already in Chaos Phantom, congratulations! Keep up the good work!) To advance, you will have to face predetermined Guardians. The number of Guardians you have to defeat will be based on your current dorm:

From Uria to Hamon, you must beat at least 2 of the 5 Guardians
From Hamon to Raviel, you must beat at least 3 of the 5 Guardians
From Raviel to Chaos , you must beat at least 4 of the 5 Guardians

This will prove you can beat a mixture of meta and non-meta decks and will show a skill level representative of your position in the academy.

Demotions and Keeping Your Dorm

Now that you have earned your place in a dorm, it's time to show that you deserve to keep it! If you find yourself in the bottom 5 for Hamon, 4 for Raviel, 2 for Chaos of your dorm's leader-board, you will have to face the Guardians in order to keep your place. If you find yourself at the bottom of Uria, no need to worry! You wont be kicked out, you are here to learn and improve, keep at it and you will surely move up the rankings.

To keep your place in Hamon you will have to beat 1 of the 5 Guardians
To keep your place in Raviel you will have to beat 2 of the 5 Guardians
To keep your place in Chaos you will have to beat 3 of the 5 Guardians

Rules and Restrictions:

1. All decks are viable, do not complain that you were using a non-meta deck and got beaten because of that.
2. No two duelists can duel each other more than once in a 24 hour period.
3. If you are suspected of padding your or someone else's score (Intentionally losing to give someone else points) you will be investigated. If said investigation ends in you being found guilty, you will be demoted (possible through multiple dorms).

Duels for Dorm Points should be posted in the BA duel section. The title of the post should include something that lets staff know that it is indeed for Dorm Points

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New Dorm System (Updated PLEASE READ)

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