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test results: Duelistrevolution

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Hamon Yellow


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PostSubject: test results: Duelistrevolution Wed Apr 30, 2014 12:07 am

Match results:[X.O.X]= 3 Points
Evol(2) vs E-Hero (1)
Round 1: You had the advantage in the begnning with a absolute zero and acid combo, but I was able to comeback with evo singularity

Round 2: I got wrecked by absolute zero and acid. Also that Royal decree stopped my fiendish chain and evo singularity from activating

Round 3:I solemned your plymerization, but it didn't look like it slowed you down, since you were still able to bring out a nova master. I was able to 101 it, but you top decked a bubbleman with no cards in hand and no cards on the field, and from those 2 draws you got mask change into a acid. I top decked dark hole, but you set the shadow mist you added with emergency call, you were able to get another bubbleman and soon got another mask change for another acid. I looked like i was about to lose, but I topdecked a diversity, added najasho, summoned out diplo to pop your decree, and a vulcano went into ragna zero to pop your shining flare wingman you summoned last turn. After that, I slowly went for game

Deck Construction: 18/25
I liked what you were doing with this deck, it was very consistent, being able to get a fusion monster even though I continuously took them out, which is quite impressive. My only problem with this deck, is that you don't have any protective cards like torrential, solemn, and mirror force. Also, you don't have A hero Lives, which can really set you up for otk plays.

Performance: 17/20
You preformed very well against an evol deck you did not expect to play, my only problem was that you didn't side anything that couold have helped you out, cards like effect veiler, macro, and maxx "C" would have stopped my plays cold.

Single Lost
Wind-Ups vs Gods
You tried to add Mound of the bound creator but I mind crushed it, and established a good field presence, sadly, this duel could not have continued because your timer ran out

Deck construction: 15/20
You should always have 15 cards in your extra deck, It is helpful to have those extra options for an opponent. As for the deck itself, it does seem consistent, having ways to recycle your ra's disiples for your god cards.

Preformance: 11/15
Since your timer ran out due to your computer overheating, you could have been able to comeback, but I will only judge how you did before that happened which was pretty decent.

Different Decks:3

Final score:69/100
You will be moving into the Uria Red dorm. You are a skilled duelist, and enjoy dueling which is good, if you take the ides I gave and applied them, you coul possibly be a future Hamon or even and Raviel ^^.

Team Royal Knights.The most royal players in NOA
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Uria Red

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PostSubject: Re: test results: Duelistrevolution Wed Apr 30, 2014 12:21 am

no complaints forthe dorm but i do have to tell ya i never run a side deck at all and i completly forgot about hero lives XD
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PostSubject: Re: test results: Duelistrevolution Wed Apr 30, 2014 3:04 am

A side deck can change games for example if your deck is at a disadvantage & you side in cards to stop your opponents deck you will have the advantage if you draw them if you didn't side anything your just fighting a losing battle. If you join a team here you will find out how important your side deck is in wars anyway well done in your test Duelistrevolution you played well i'm sure you will do better next time good luck.

Tester DP Awarded, Dorm Assigned & Thread Locked!

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PostSubject: Re: test results: Duelistrevolution

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test results: Duelistrevolution

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