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Test Results : MCANoxivilus

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PostSubject: Test Results : MCANoxivilus Thu Nov 14, 2013 7:10 pm


Hunders vs Noble Knights 0/20

Notes: People stop using noble against me!!! However...

Perfomance : 17/20

Duel 1:

You opeened with Borz play and a beater 2200 and 2 sets...I did opeened with sea horse play set 2 and passed..You fuled your beater with arms (destiny and Excaliburn) attacked to me and passed..In my turn i played a Jewel Archifiend play (Mahunder+Prism) to get rid off ur beater after that i had full controll of the game and nice backrow and took the game easy.You didnt misplaed i just had advace in hands.

Duel 2:

Your opeening hand was realy abd and you tyred your best to win the game but you couldnt win with such a hand. No misplays only bad hands..

Notes: You didnt side anything i guess you have side decree it could help here , and if you dont you should side it or even main it as long as you dont run much traps.

Deck : 25/30

notes : i would -Release and + Oh Fice! or -Oh Fice and +Release ( you run once both no good idea)or -Release & Oh Fice and +2 decrees other than that the deck is alright...


Chain Beat vs Bunjins ??/5

Notes : You runned 2 tenki and more than one Crane so i will not bother here...Only that you didnt misplaed you had full controll 

Total : 42/100

Extra : +5

Grand Total : 47/100

You will be placed in Uria red . You are a great Duelist , your decks are alright and ofcourse you give all u have in a duel just next time read the rules and you will go straight to Hamon Blue i beleve you can with the fine tunings...You do know yout skills are better than Uria Red so dont rage cuz of that next time you will go higher!

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PostSubject: Re: Test Results : MCANoxivilus Fri Nov 15, 2013 1:28 pm

Tester DP Awarded, Dorm Assigned & Thread Locked!

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Test Results : MCANoxivilus

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