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Test results : KrisKirk

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PostSubject: Test results : KrisKirk Mon Nov 04, 2013 8:11 pm


Dragunitys vs Chaos Agents 10/20

Perfomance : 17/20

Notes : Somehow i dont have game 1 and 2 so i will write about them via memory

Duel 1 : I had a nice hand with a small but good backrow to protect myself , and i won this one easy cuz your hand was bad no backrows to protect yourself. You didnt missplaed here you were just unlucky.

Duel 2 : I started realy good and tho i had full control of the game but when i saw trago commin i realy didnt cared much about this but forgote trago 2nd eff and in your turn you took my monster and finished me.

Notes : You sided Veiler , Macro and fiendish chain . It's great side for dragunitys especially Macrro too bad you never drew it.

Duel 3 : In this game i had a perfect hand for win and backrow to protect myself in your side you had only monsters and easy i took the game. Note : You just need to learn when to activate hand effects like Maxx ''C'' like in game 3 you used it when Dux eff activated you should wait first activated Phalanx eff so you would had a free card for sure if you get me.

Deck : 23/30

Notes : Deck looks alright . Just some tips about main : -1 call of the haunded ( i dont think it is needed 3 times) -1 mirror force , +2 fiendish chain or +1 solemn and +1 TT.

Single :

Thunders vs Chaos dragons 0/5

Perfomance 11/15

Duel : In turn 4 i summoned Crimson and i was blocking you whole duel . You had a chanse to get rid off my crimson . I had a prism and Crimson on field you had tour guide in hand you could use her to summon Zenmeines attack to prism use Zen's eff and destroy my crimson in your end phase...but you prefered to summun Leaviar The Sea Dragon that was totaly useless..well i took the game easy cuz of crimson...GG.

Deck 4/5

Notes : Deck looks alright you just need to fit decrees you run 2 or 3 traps

Total : 65

Extra : +5

Grand total : 70

You will be placed in Uria red. You are a great duelist just try to be more focused in duel!
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PostSubject: Re: Test results : KrisKirk Mon Nov 04, 2013 8:45 pm

Tester DP Awarded, Dorm Assigned & Thread Locked!

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Test results : KrisKirk

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