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Instant Test Results : KrisKirk

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Raviel Blue

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PostSubject: Instant Test Results : KrisKirk Mon Dec 23, 2013 10:00 pm

Match 1~

Constellar vs. Gravekeepers - 2:1 5/20 Points

Performance - 16/20 Points

Duel 1: You made a misplay by tributing Assaliant for Shaman and forgetting that shrine would be gone with it and using TT when i summoned sombre while having necrovalley active which would make it useless was a mistake , you managed to take the game as i had only 2 sombres which were unplayable due to necrovalley, GG!

Duel 2: No misplays there! You openend with 3 Necrovalley which is abit harsh and used a POD to get a commandent but i had Honest to deal with it and i read your TT play well.

Duel 3: Blind mst'ed one of my backrows! You should really save your mst and not playing it based on luck because it just gives a minus to you especially that you picked mirror force which wasn't really important as the other 3 set , not much to say there but after using Noblswarm to clear your defense along with Necrovalley , it was already over for you.

Notes : Sided in Rai-oh and Skill drain , Skill drain kinda hurts you especially with no malefics in there , next time if you would side it , i would recommand having at least 3 Malefic CED or SDD Because works pretty awesome with them and if you do of course , -2 Shrine!

Deck - 26/30:

Deck looks solid. Although I don't really think that shrine is a good choice for a testing envoirement and also that Dragons will be unplayable in a week besides it's survival requirements is just too hard to maintain , If you cut it out , I would suggest having more PODs for consistency issues.

Match 2~

Fire fists vs. Constellars - 0:1 5/5 Points

Performance - 14/15 Points

Duel 4: I couldn't get over Pleiades and really well played , the veiler on the leopard and Honest when i attacked with bear was pretty much game over for me.

Deck - 2/5:

Deck looks Ok. , I would :

-1 Bear (1 is enough especially when you are playing 2 tenkis only)
-1 Sheratan ( You wouldn't want to draw this early in the game but rather when you are having control over the duel)
-2 POD (This card really slows down constellar as it doesn't let you setup your XYZ plays quick , I don't recommand playing it but if you will then just 1 would be Ok , same as sheratan)
-3 Constellar Belt (Not quite sure why you are running this)
-1 Catastor , You only have 2 veilers , I don't think this card is worth maining really , It takes up space and doesn't put as much pressure.
-1 Utopia
-1 Photon Papli..
-1 Starliege

+1 Rai-oh ( a Good beatstick that most people have trouble dealing with)
+1 Book of moon (This card is a +1 when used right)
+1 Photon thrasher (To setup Omega plays faster)
+2 Forbidden lances(This card speaks for itself)
+1 XYZ Reborn (with Pleiades at 1 , this card is just great to get it back along with other XYZ)
+1 Praesepe
+1 Maestroke
+1 Abyss Dweller (This card can lock alot of plays)
+1 Adreus

Extra :
Attitude +2
Using Different Decks +3

Grand Total Points : 73/100

You will be moving to Uria Red Dorm! You need to study the gravekeeper's effects properly(you had some ruling errors) and play more calm because you made some reckless plays in the first matchup and improve the Constellar deck and i am sure you will do better next time!
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PostSubject: Re: Instant Test Results : KrisKirk Sun Dec 29, 2013 10:25 pm

Tester DP Awarded,Testee DP Deducted, Dorm Assigned & Thread Locked!

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Instant Test Results : KrisKirk

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