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NOA Main Shop

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PostSubject: NOA Main Shop Sat Apr 30, 2016 1:06 pm

NOA Main Shop


Challenge Pass

If you've already made the 2 challenges this month and failed both, you can purchase this Item for 500dp and redo it.

Deck Shop:

Want to be a deck craftsman and sell it for some additional DP? purchase this Item for 700 dp and send us some samples and you're ready to go.

Make an event:

If you want to do develop your own idea and do it here in NOA with our staff's help just buy this Item for 500 dp and make it.

Bet Duel

Think you are a really good duelist come and prove it. pay a bet bitween 300 and 900 dp and if you win the duelist we choose you will get the triple of the dps you bet and a free challenge pass.

Costom Ranking

Want a costom rank in your profile pay 150 dp and we will add it in the profile.

Private Teacher

Want one of the guardians to do a deck guide of a deck you love pay 200 dp and we will make it for you

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NOA Main Shop

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