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Top Anime Carathers?

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PostSubject: Top Anime Carathers? Fri Apr 29, 2016 11:43 pm

Top Anime Caracthers

Whats your top , all of us like some caracthers for me the ones i love most are:

Yukihiro Souma

Love him im a cock aswell so i can see me in him , hes just genial you think is in trouble and he does dichies whit low ingridient and delicious ones.

Rias Gregory

The erotic queen she just too hot and powerfull that makes you fall away whit the caracther , just the girl we all want right ahah

Oliver Tsubasa

Who doesnt want to play as him. I mean that plays he makes just to good to be true.

Whats Yours?

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Top Anime Carathers?

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