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New Order Academy Rules

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PostSubject: New Order Academy Rules Mon Apr 25, 2016 10:49 pm


Welcome to New Order Academy!


Before you start to enjoy our site you should read our Rules so you won't run into any problems with the staff & members:

1- Do not spam the chat or link to other sites in academy (unless allowed by a staff member)
 2- Joking is fine but try to avoid targeted and hurtful language
3- Respect the staff of the academy
4- Keep duels, wars etc clean and fair, do not cheat in order to gain wins
5- Do not talk down to a player because of their dorm, we were all new once
6- Keep the chat as card game focussed as possible, disputes should be resolved in private chats
7- Do not sell items on this site for real money or academy currency
8- Do not gamble with real money
9- Dont use slanderous, homophobic or racist language in the public chat 
10- Lat but not least have fun and enjoy, remember this is a game and should be treated as such

Introduce Yourself

As a new member your first job should be to introduce yourself in the Introduction section so that everyone knows a little more about you. This will also be your first post which will grant you access to the Uria Red dorm.

Duel Points

DP is the currency used in New Order Academy. You can use them to buy various things across the player hosted shops and also to bet in shadow arena duels.You can win DP in many  ways from dueling in Arena's or winning in the forum Dice Games & Events.

Dueling Systems

Here at ERA the main dueling system is YGOpro(Percy) we will also use Devpro & Salvation 

Dorm System

A brand new Dorm System is being trialed at the moment so check it out and see the minimum requirements to rank-up in the academy.

I wish you all the best of luck on your conquest of becoming the best duelist in New Order Academy!!

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New Order Academy Rules

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