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Dueling Network getting around NAS C&D order?

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PostSubject: Dueling Network getting around NAS C&D order? Mon Apr 18, 2016 8:25 pm

Dueling Network (Quote)

You now have the power to host your own custom card images on Dueling Network! For liability reasons, we will not host these images and none of these URLs will be managed by our servers. Please be responsible and only use images for which you have the rights. Instructions will be provided in the link below. Thank you for your continued support!

Dueling Network Forum Instructions(Quote)

To use this feature, follow these steps:
1. Create a directory on your server to use, for example, make a server, and call it mycardpicserver. Host it at http://mycardpicserver.com
2. Name each image with the appropriate card id. Use http://duelingnetwork.com/cardlist for reference. For example, Kuriboh has an id of “2487” and would therefore be stored at "http://mycardpicserver.com/2487”.  Note that you only need to provide the illustration portion of the card art, as DN generates the rest of the image using a template. Only include the artwork, don't use the green border of a spell.
3. After you have uploaded your images, use the following URL to get DN to render cards with your images: http://duelingnetwork.com/?card_image_base= .
4. After the =, put your server site, so in our example mycardpicserver.com.

so http://duelingnetwor...rdpicserver.com if you got that site set up with images, would be a DN that has card pics!

Only you can see these pictures, but if you share your URL with somebody else, they will see the same pictures you are hosting!
You may share the URL with others, but be aware that by doing so you are granting permission to others to load the card images from your server.


Reactions to this are mostly good people like the way DN is providing them with a solution/temporary solution but are not sure how it's going to work out as it means you need to host your own server which is why people are looking for someone to host a server which all DN users can use. DN before it got hit with the C&D order had around 5000 users which means for anyone looking to do this would have to pay a few hundred £/$ a month for the bandwidth to be able to host the servers images to that amount of people. DN also said you need to have the picture not the border so it fits into the card template already on dn which means the person/team running the server would need to find all the yugioh card pictures then take all the images out of the card border & resize them to fit in the dn card template.Not that easy is it but that's not the only problems like where to get all the images some people are suggesting to use the ygopro images this could cause problems for ygopro remember DN hosted the images ygopro sort of does the same which most people don't think about the images are on your computer right? but how do they get there & updated yup that's ygopro's potential problem they host them on their sites for you to download & update through their clients. DN user servers using these images leads NAS straight to ygopro the other problem is for DN if NAS find out that DN is going around the C&D order with user servers they may just decide to take DN down altogether.

What do you guys think about the Dueling Network Solution will it work or will it just cause more problems?





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Dueling Network getting around NAS C&D order?

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