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Test Results: Energy Warrior

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PostSubject: Test Results: Energy Warrior Sun Jul 20, 2014 4:04 pm

Match : Macro Rabbit (Tester) vs Dark Magician/Spellcaster (Testee)

Duel 1
You decided to go first & started of by setting 4 which made me think this will be a grind game then you normal summoned Gemini Elf then ended your turn. On my turn i summoned Thunder King Rai-Oh mostly to bait out your backrow & it worked by getting you to activate Trap hole i then set 3 & ended my turn.

Thunder King Goes bye bye!:

By turn 5 you were able to summon Cybernetic Magician but unlucky for you i had bottomless to deal with it after this all you could do was stall with Swords of Revealing Light & your traps since your draws were bad.

What it looks like when it's just not your day!:

Duel 2
Second duel you decided to let me go first & i started of with normal summoning jurrac velo & activating dimensional fissure then setting 2. On your turn your normal summmoned skilled dark magician & attacked velo then ended your turn. Turn 3 would be the turning point because i was able to get laggia out by attacking your skilled dark magician & lancing it letting me get jurrac guaiba effect to summon another jurrac & summoned laggia on main phase two & set 1 then ended my turn.On your turn you tried to destroy laggia with mystic box but i negated it with laggia's effect after that you couldn't really do much since i didn't let you keep any of your monsters around for you to tribute with & by turn 9 it was all over.

Who Needs Laggia when you have Grand Mole!:

Match Result : (0/10 points)
Lost match [X.X] = 0 points

Deck Construction :

Quote :
Main Deck Review:
Not sure where to start here first thing first lets talk about the decks Synergy other than the monsters all being Spellcastors & Magicians the cards don't work well together you have 35 r so one of cards in a 48 card deck only 3 r 4 cards help you get to your boss monsters or help you summon them. Next is the decks consistency which is really bad you have a 48 card deck which is bad for consistency just take a look at this:
Since you open with 6 cards, starting with a 40 card deck means your single draws later on are 1/34 at worst for a card you only have 1 of.
1/54 for a 60 card deck.
In a 40-card deck, you have 15% chance of opening with a card you run 1 of. 28% chance of opening with at least 1 card you run 2 copies of. 39% chance of opening with at least 1 card you run 3 copies of.
In a 45-card deck, these odds fall to 13%, 25%, and 35.6% respectively.
In a 60-card deck, these odds fall to 10%, 19%, and 27.5% respectively.

Drop your decks count down to 40,give your deck more ways to get to the cards you need put cards like gold sarcophagus & different dimension capsule & try to keep it to 1 theme r so for example if you want it to be a Dark Magician deck you can mix it with spellbook & with cards like temperance of prophecy & spellbooks of life plus skilled dark magician you will be able to summon dark magician multiple ways.

Quote :
Extra Deck Review:
Your Extra Deck only has 9 cards in it & 3 of each monster Number 104:Masquerade,Downerd Magician & Alchemic Magician.First of your extra deck should always have 15 cards in it your extra deck is your second option in a duel & is used to help you deal with problems or give your opponent problems. Second is that your extra deck only has 3 options & 2 of them can't be summoned often since you need 3 level 4 monsters.

Put 15 cards in your extra deck & try to put cards which will help you out in different situations, put the extra deck staples in your deck cards like Gagaga cowboy & Blackship of corn other good cards to use would be Number 101: Silent Ark & for outside of tests Evilswarm Exciton Knight. You have 3 level 7 monsters so put 1 r so rank 7 xyz's you have 10 level 4 monsters so most your extra deck should have rank 4 monsters you also have 1 monster which is level 2 but with having gagaga magician you can make it level 2 so put 1 r so level 2 monsters give your deck different option good luck.

Quote :
Deck Score: 5/25

Performance - 7/20

Duel 1: You tribute summoned cybernetic magician when i had 4 backrow which then got bottomless. On turn 6 when i summoned kabazauls & you chained nightmare wheel to it i then just xyz into laggia you should of waited until i xyz then chained nightmare wheel it would of made me use laggia's effect or made me use my set mst.
Duel 2: First turn you used the cure master then summoned skilled dark magician you should of summoned skilled dark magician then used the cure master so that skilled dark magician got a counter then on turn 7 you blind msted my backrow & hit macro you should of waited to use the mst & a turn are so after i used the backrow card you didn't hit which was prohibition & called dark magician blind msting is never good & more so now with artifacts around.

Siding: The only card i can see which you sided was Dark Magic Curtain which you sided in for Solidarity this was k but Dark Magic Curtain should of been in the main deck rather than a card like solidarity since you are using dark magicians. The side is really important in match duels & can change duels in your favour for example if you sided in a card like iron wall you would of stopped me from using rescue rabbit,dimensional fissure,macro cosmos & my backrow cards bottomless & dimensional prison do you see the way one card can change the duel siding in Dark Magic Curtain was just fixing your main deck problem which you shouldn't of had & changed nothing since you didn't help your deck in anyway against my deck.

Match: Gravekeepers (Tester) vs Warrior Deck (Testee)

Single Duel
The single duel didn't last that long only lasting 8 turns the turning point in the game was on turn 3 when i compulsed your Zubaba General which had Gearfried the Swordmaster equiped to it

Compulse sends the General Home!:

you tried to get back into it by activating Reload but you were unlucky & drew Swift Gaia & warrior returning alive of reload & next turn it was all over.

Should I reload?!:

Single Duel Result : (0/5 points)
Lost Duel [X] = 0 points

Deck Construction:

Quote :
Main Deck Review:
This Deck i would say is a lot better than the Dark Magican deck but still has quite a few problems still the deck just like the Dark Magician did has no real consistency and synergy you have mystic swordman lv 2,lv4 & lv 6 that's 3 cards just to get a 2300 beater out which is not worth it when you could use cards like rescue rabbit,trident warrior & goblindbergh to get 2 monsters out in 1 turn & xyz into a better monster or use them as tributes on your next turn.You have two marauding captain which is good but i would put 3 & make it into the decks main engine & with reinforcement of the army at 2 now you can grap it from the deck when you need it. You use 5 slow situational traps plus royal decree if you want to use royal decree with some traps much sure you can use the traps before you get to your decree if you don't then when you activate royal decree you will just have 5 dead cards are so until your opponent destroys your degree if they even do destroy it.In your deck you also use reload as a draw engine for the deck which is not that good of a card since you need to have cards in your hand & it shuffles all of your hand into the deck the better option would be Magical Mallet since it lets you choose which cards you what to shuffle back into your deck but i would say use cards like reckless greed & Upstart Goblin to draw cards since they thin your deck out & can be used anytime to draw cards unlike Reload or Magical Mallet.

The deck just like the Dark magician deck has been maded with the type of monster in mind instead of does the cards i have in my deck work well with each other. The deck tries to do multiple things but 1 thing at the same time you try to get monsters out so you can tribute but tries to increase you monsters attack,stall,destroy your opponents cards & burn your opponent at the same time.

Quote :
Extra Deck Review:
Your Extra Deck only has 12 cards in it & is all Warriors just like the main deck. The extra has 3 Blade Armor Ninja & 3 Zubaba General in it having 3 of these cards is not needed since your only ever going to go into these card once maybe twice.

Put 15 cards in your extra deck & give your extra deck more options put cards which will help you out in different situations & like i said about your other deck put the extra deck staples in your deck . You have 2 level 7 monsters so put 1 r so rank 7 Xyz's you also have 2 level 3 monster so put in a rank 3 Xyz Zenmaines i would suggest.

Quote :
Deck Score: 6/20

Performance - 6/15

You had a few misplays in this first one was on turn 3 when you normal summoned D.D Warrior lady but instead of trying to bait out my backrow or get rid of my monster with D.D Warrior Lady's effect you decided to Xyz into Zubaba General then equip it with Gearfried the Swordmaster to it. The next misplay was right after you summoned Zubaba General when you msted 1 of my 2 set backrow & hit torrential tribute you shouldn't have waited until you had Xyz to mst my backrow you should of give your xyz more chance to survive by msting my backrow before you summoned it & not giving me the option to use the backrow card. The only other misplay i noticed was when you used call of the haunted you summoned celtic guard of it the better option would of been to summon d.d warrior lady & made me find a way around it. The other thing i noticed was that you set exiled force instead of using it's effect to destroy my set card if you did i wouldn't have gotten gravekeepers spy's effect.

Quote :
Extra: 5/5 points
Using different decks: +2
Attitude: +3.

Overall Score: 29/100
Dorm Placement: Uria Red

Thoughts: My thoughts from dueling you & talking with you is that your an old school duelist as in you like to play yugioh the old way when there was no extra deck yugioh has changed a lot since then & from what i can see from your decks is that you havin keep up to date with the changes yugioh has gone though.I'm sure with some hard work to learn the way yugioh is played now & with help from other members you will get a better score in your next test. Good luck energy with improving your decks & remember to have fun dueling i look forward to the next time i test you & you show me how much you have improved again good luck.

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Test Results: Energy Warrior

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