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Interrogation #4: Kirtis63

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PostSubject: Interrogation #4: Kirtis63 Thu Jun 05, 2014 12:40 am

Hello Kirtis!!! Thanks for dropping into our Interrogation room.. How are you doing?
I am fine thanks
So Kirtis your from Germany explain what it's like to live there and what special things are happening there..

i think Germany is a wonderful country. I really enjoy my life here. For example i have the chance to study here what i wouldn't have in Turkey, where i was born.
What do you do outside of playing yugioh & what do you do in real life ?

i like playing football, going out with my friend or smoke a hookha or just relaxing..things like this
You are a very good duelists & have been playing competitive yugioh for awhile have you always been a good duelist or have you gotten better over time & if so please share with us how you have gotten better!

Well, no-one has always been a good duelist
Everyone has to start at the bottom. I started 3 years ago to play Yu-Gi-Oh Online 3 where i created my team SoD. We were a Team full of beginners, me included. But I never gave up. My teammates became inactive so i recruited active and better players and kicked the inactive ones. While recruiting those Duelist i learned a lot from them. And again they became inactive and i recruited even better ones and become better too and so on...
Now we have 16 Duelists and they're all very good. i think i learned most about dueling from my team and from clan wars.
What was your past in the world of YGO like? Tell us more about that please & how you came across ygopro!

To be honestly, it's not the game that makes it so great. It's my team that makes this game so awesome. 2 years ago Yu-Gi-Oh Online 3 closed and we wanted SoD not to die out. So we moved to ygopro. It also could have been another game. The important point was the team play.

Whats your view and opinion about Yugioh & how the game has been changing lately & would you change anything?

I think in the last years this game became much faster and decks became much stronger. When synchros appeared everyone said that they were so overpowered and things like this. Now no-one cares about it because exceeds are much stronger. But i like it so far and i wouldn't change it. Sadly pendulums are coming...i don't think that i will like them.
You were the founder of  Spirit of Duels & were their leader for awhile tell us some of your best experiences with Spirit of Duels & what you hope to achieve with them...

My ambition is beating any team that is playing YGOPRO. There are still a few Teams we didn't beat yet. And of course i want me and the team getting better duelists from day to day.
The best experience i made  with SoD is that we have  a kind of friendship in here. When i look back to Yu-Gi-Oh Online 3 there were lots of good teams and SoD wasn t one. But we had a friendship with those good teams and after Yu-Gi-Oh Online 3 these good players from the other teams joined SoD. So we know each other for a few years know...in the past as rivals...now as a team. I think although we never met each other yet, we build a close friendship.
What do you think your future to Yu-Gi-Oh will be?

Hmm i think my future will be without Yu-Gi-Oh because pendulums suck xD
What are some of your favourite duel memories from your time playing YGO?

Well i had lots of "topdecking come-backs". A few of them let us win a clan war^^
But one was very special. My opponent had 7000 life points and i think 4 or 5 cards. I got 0 cards and 50 life points left. I top decked any round that one card that helped me out, so i won this match^^
He was like wtf, are you cheating? xDD

Now the last question before I hand you over to the firing squad , do you have any last words to say to our readers, your fans, your enemies, anyone?

Be friendly and enjoy the duels!

Thanks for your time Kirtis & I wish you & SOD the best for the future.

Yeah thx see you in the war  Wink 
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Interrogation #4: Kirtis63

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