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Test Results: Durof

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PostSubject: Test Results: Durof Tue Apr 15, 2014 12:00 am

Match Results:[X.O.X] 3 Points
Evol(2) vs Constellars (1)
Round 1: Your first turn you used a tenki to add Kaus to you hand and set 2 backrow. That was probably your best move so nice job. I used blasters eff to not only set up my grave for the evo singularity i had facedown, but to pop your mirror force. You used mst to pop my solemn warning which was a really good move. When I flipped westlo face up you chained maxx "C" to it, which was a very smart move.I brought out diplo to pop your other backrow card, then normal summoned cerato and attacked, during my main phase 2 i had 2 choices, I could have ended my turn there or go for laggia and give you another draw. I though that going for laggia would have been the better option since I had full control of the field. During your turn you used dark hole, which i used Laggias eff on to negate, I feel like that was a way to draw out laggias eff, which was kind of smart but if it was, you did kind of waste your exciton knight cards since the real card is banned, but since I couldnt use Laggias eff anymore you were able to use pollux and kaus to summon out Constellar Omega, which was a smart move in hindsight because you didnt know the facedown card I had, but sadly getting westlo in the grave gave me the cards i needed to use singularity. uing it I brought out Solda but couldnt do anything because of your 2 tenkis. Also you fiendish chained my blaster so I had to wait it out till I could summon out a diplo, lucky for me you attacked into a westlo with omega which allowed me to bring out diplo, pop fiendish chain, and go for game

Round 2: Siding in 2 Prohibitations was a very smart move to take out certain cards in my deck.  you brought out Tiras in you second turn to attack my monster and pop one of my facedowns. When you drew prohibitation, your first target was Evo-singularity, one of the main cards in my deck to recycle my evol cards in the grave. Lucky for me I had one face-down so I chained it to summon out solda. After that you brought out gaia charger using tiras, and using sombre and kaus, you brought out pledias to take out solda. After that you went on your way to take round 2

Round 3; This was a very good round. You drew into both prohibitations and selected blaster and westlo, which are very good choices, but lucky for me I had a westlo on the field, using it, i brought out diplo to pop you facedown, then I drew into Najasho and with evo force in hand, I brought out another diplo to pop the prohibitaioon on westlo and a cerato. I used the cerato to attack you rkaus, which you were able to keep on the field with honest. I went into dolkka to try to stop kaus eff. You top decked dark hole and then the top decking war began. You had the advantage with a kaus on the field for most of the round, but I drew torrential to destroy your field, dark hole which i didn't use until the end, Light-Imprisoning Mirror, and evo-singularity, which allowed me to bring out Solda and win the match
Deck Construction: 24/25
Very consistent constellar deck, It had a lot of speed in it and you never had any dead cards

You did very well with the cards you were dealt, my only concern was that you sided in 2 dna surgerys, i dont know if that was to try and hurt my deck or help yours.

Single Duel:Win
Pure Geargia vs Scraps
You did very well in this single duel, you were able to continue to plus even though scrap factory was on the field. I tried to comeback but that book of moon on star eater gave you the win
Deck Construction: 20/20
Performance: 15/15

Using different decks: +2
Attitude: +3

Final Score: 86/100

So close, but you will be placed in the hamon Yellow dorm. I am certain if you go for a re
test you will make Raviel Blue. Enjoy your new dorm ^^.

Team Royal Knights.The most royal players in NOA
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PostSubject: Re: Test Results: Durof Tue Apr 15, 2014 12:25 am

Tester DP Awarded, Dorm Assigned & Thread Locked!

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Test Results: Durof

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