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retest results:KiogreServant

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Hamon Yellow


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PostSubject: retest results:KiogreServant Sat Apr 12, 2014 1:30 am

Match Results:[X.X.]
Evols(2) vs Macro Rabbit(0)
Round 1: You started off really good with rescue rabbit in opening hand and going into a laggia. Setting a backrow card and using united we stand to boost up laggias attack. I did misplay during my turn though by not chaining 103s eff to effect veiler. During your turn you were able to draw tour-guide and go into leviair to recycle rescue rabbit for another laggia because the laggia you had was destroyed by 103. Then using laggias eff on enemy controller was like a double-edged sword. It was smart to prevent its destruction, but also would have allowed me to use my other backrow cards. Using forbidden lance on utopia was also a good move. Finally I banished utopia using d-prison and went for game
Round 2: You went into a first turn zenmaines which was very smart but the backrow i had in my hand was going to assure that it wouldn't stay on the field for long. Using pot of duality I was able to get and set westlo, which you attacked into and it allowed me to sumon out diplo to pop your facedown. Then I used compulse on zenmaines. Having fossil dyna pachycephalo killed most of my field, but I was able to keep vulcano on the field since he was normal summoned, top deck evo force and go for game
Deck Construction:22/25
Very good macro rabbit deck. My only problem was the equips you had. At sometimes they are good, but at other times they can clog the field. This didnt hurt your score it was just an opinion. Siding in fossil dyna was also a very smart move  since i try to special summon as much as possible.
You did extremely well with the cards you were dealt. Sadly, it just wasn't enough to beat my evols.

Single Performance:Win
X-Sabers vs Traptrix
You won this duel against a very fast and strong X-saber deck for 3 reasons.
1:You had full control over this duel
2:I was afraid of those annoying trap hole cards
3:I couldnt do anything
You used these 3 reasons and punished me for them very well played.
Deck Construction: 20/20
Performance: 15/15

Using different decks: +2
Attitude: +3

Final Score: 87/100
OH.... so close man but you will remain in Hamon Yellow. If you to even win one of the match duels I would have been the first to welcome you to Raviel Blue. Good luck on your next test ^^.

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PostSubject: Re: retest results:KiogreServant Sun Apr 13, 2014 10:19 pm

Tester DP Awarded, Dorm Assigned & Thread Locked!

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retest results:KiogreServant

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