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Test Result:JamesJolt

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Hamon Yellow


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PostSubject: Test Result:JamesJolt Fri Apr 11, 2014 1:05 pm

Match results: [X.X.]=0 points
Evols (2) vs Dark Gaia (0)
Round 1: You werent able to do anything much against my evols. I had full control over the game.
You were also afraid to attack due to the back-row i had.
Round 2: You were able to successfully bring out evil hero dark gaia with 6000 attack. But you were still afraid to attack due to the large backrow i had, which allowed me to set up. I used my own monster to activate torrential tribute and used evo-singularity to summon laggia. After that it was pretty much over
Deck Construction:12/25
Your deck was a bit... interesting to say the least but you did have a lot of cards that did not have to be in there. Cards like castle of dark illusion, darkness neosphere, raviel lord of phantasms, and trap eater. I would also say take out mask of restrict, the magic cylinders, the shallow grave, dark mirror force, and the karma cuts for some better cards like earth plate, torrential tribute, dimensional prison, compuls, dark hole, book of moon, and other cards that can increase the synergy of your deck. Also, another thing about the extra deck is that you would want to have 15 in your extra deck so you can have more options for your opponents monsters
performance: 13/20
Despite the amount of control i had you did attempt to come back. I did notice however, that you did not add any cards that can really affect the synergy my evols had, any card that could stop special summoning for a while could have really hurt me.
Single Results:Lost
X-sabers vs Knight Joker
I had absolute control of the duel. I was able to bring out all my boss monsters in one turn and after that, it was gg.
deck construction: 13/20
Again I have to say this about the extra deck. It is smart to have 15 cards in the extra deck for more options. Also I would say take out the magic cylinder, double spell, super poly, for staple cards like dark hole,and solemn warning. Also if you are going to use synchros use cards that can be used more often then drascension. You could add cards like black rose dragon, crimson blader, stardust dragon, and other synchros. Also I would say add more tuners aside from just chaos end master.
Performance: 10/20
Again, you werent able to do anything due to the speed of my deck. Also you drew into 2 cards you did not need.

Using different decks: +2
Attitude: +3

Final Score: 53/100

You will be placed in the Uria Red Dorm. If you do take the tips I suggested and apply them you can be a better duelist then you are right now. I do hope you go for another test in the future ^^.

Team Royal Knights.The most royal players in NOA
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PostSubject: Re: Test Result:JamesJolt Fri Apr 11, 2014 5:33 pm

Lock and rewarded
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Test Result:JamesJolt

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