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NOA Staff Info

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PostSubject: NOA Staff Info Mon Apr 07, 2014 12:14 am


Ultraviolet Admin/Founder: Here on NOA you will see me doing every job really but the jobs you will see me doing the most is making youtube videos & modding.

Kiogreservent Admin: Kio is the second Admin here at NOA so just like me he will be doing different jobs the jobs you will see Kio doing the most is event managing , modding and game creation.

Graphic Designer

Haseo Graphic Designer/Mod: Haseo is NOA's Graphic Designer so he mostly makes pictures for events & other things around NOA so the look of NOA is mostly Haseo's doing.


l Riku l Teacher/Mod: Riku´s job will be modding the academy by awarding & locking topics & making sure NOA's rules are followed.

Haseo Graphic Designer/Mod: Haseo also does some modding from time to time when he's not making pictures.


Lilking: Lilking is a gaming assistant & will help with game creation along Kiogreservent.

Icinsugar: Icinsugar helps in youtube video creation and will be responsible for the roleplay play section.

Monoman Teacher/Assistant: Monoman is are event manager & will also be helping other staff around the forum in creating things.

Atif2z: Atif's duty is mostly managing the NOA Facebook along side me & Kiogreservent. Atif will also help out on other things like Gfx & events when he can.


Monoman Teacher/Assistant: Monoman's duty will be testing people on Dueling Network & creating banlists & articles etc.

l Riku l Teacher/Mod: Riku´s will also be responsible for testing member on Dueling Network and making card of the month etc.

War manager:

Kriskirk - Kriskirk's duty will be modding the war section ,seeing if rules are being aplayed or if wars are active if not he will proceed in a way the rules say to act, apart of that he will be doing the team ranks and players ranks.

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NOA Staff Info

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