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Pendulum Summon - The Complete Beginners Guide

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PostSubject: Pendulum Summon - The Complete Beginners Guide Sun Mar 30, 2014 3:03 pm

Ok, so at first I thought Pendulum Summons were hard to grasp, but now that I have the hang of them, I thought I would write an article giving an extremely simplified version of how they work, and also some advice if you are facing them, or if you want to try running them, as well as a general opinion - the TCG does not know if or when we will get them and so it is nothing to worry about...just yet!


The Main Pendulum Monsters

I have narrowed this down to 3 main cards which practically you will see all pendulum based decks run at the moment, although with further releases I expect that Odd-eyes may see some kind of restriction as his effect is pretty nutty - Sangan at 3?! He is also a level 7 monster which means access to things like Draccosack and Big Eye.

Magician of Astromancy:

Odd Eyes Pendulum Dragon:

Magician of Chronomancy:


Pendulum Summon...more in depth:
Example of How to Pendulum Summon:

Is pendulum Summoning a Good Thing?:

Cards which have potential against Pendulum orientated decks:
Should we be worried?!:
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Pendulum Summon - The Complete Beginners Guide

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