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Results for ULTRABAM1997 (DuelingNetwork

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Raviel Blue


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PostSubject: Results for ULTRABAM1997 (DuelingNetwork Tue Mar 18, 2014 8:20 pm

Match : Geargia 3/4 Axis (Tester) vs Elemental Heroes (Testee)

Overview - I do not think your deck is quite there in terms of competitiveness, there are a lot of good things to take from (both of) them, but a lot of areas to improve. In both Single and Match there were a few plays which I would question, as well as some missed opportunities. I think where you failed in the match was trying to grind out Geargias instead of playing offensively (I could have kept plusing and gaining hand advantage over and over again) - in both games I worked up a staggering hand advantage as you used your resources and was able to push through in both games.

Match Result : (0/10 points)
Lost match [X.X] = 0 points

Duel 1

Playing first with Geargias the advantage was always in my court with Armour set to start my plusing.

You duality into Neos which you summon and set 2 and pass. My turn I already have advantage plusing. By Turn 3 I have Geargigant X and Soul on board locking down your sets. Though you manage to pull off a Super Polymerization it is short-lived as a Dimensional prison leaves you open next turn.

Super Polymerization tries to turn things around!:

Unfortunately with a 7 - 2 card advantage and with both sets stunned with Soul of Silvermountain I take game 1 next turn.

Duel 2

Setting 4 and ending this was going to be a grindy match. You leave me to CardCar D and set, but your MST clears Geargiagear.

Both of us playing defensively and with such a heavy backrow I opt for Zenmaines which caused several problems for you.

An extremely defensive game!:

Trying to get rid of Zenmaines twice but failing to do so with 2 Veilers left you unable to answer to my spam.

With a 15 - 6 card advantage you play your last trump card...System Down!

Dark Hole on Sterioids!:

Unfortunately for you with 2 non-machine types face up I am able to clench the game. A lack of push plays from you cost you.

Deck Construction : (12/25 points)

Heroes Deck:

Overview: First of all I must comment on the side deck, or lack of, all side decks should have 15 cards. The 15 slots are there to be used and you could benefit from putting in more cards in the side. The one card you did side in (System Down) did help you a bit in the match, but imagine how more consistent it would have been if you sided 2-3 of this card (this is just 1 example). Also your extra deck at 14...weirdly you left 1 spot which you could have filled with Elemental Hero Gaia as an earth target for Super Polymerization. Dimensional Fissure and 2 Dust Tornado was a bit weird to see in main deck and should probably be sided, D Fissure kind of conflicts with Miracle Fusion too.

What I liked - Good Trap Line up, solid(ish) extra deck.

Area for improvement - Siding does need improvement. Cards like Starlight Road are becoming un-needed and sideable. You could look to add cards which can help you gain field presence like Elemental Hero Bubbleman and A Hero Lives. The lack of side-deck and incompletion of extra deck stopped me from awarding you more points.

Performance : (14/20 points)

Your performance was actually pretty good. No Noteable Missplays! You could have tried pushing for game harder at times.

Single Duel: Plant Turbo (Tester) vs Blackwings (Testee)

Lost Game: 0/5 Points

Overview: I think this deck was a bit weaker than your Heroes. Some of the cards I don't think are needed and could be replaced with others. I think you misplayed a couple of times which cost you potentially the game.

Failing to use Icarus Attack on Debris and Card Trooper cost you your field presence and left you to top. I was able to put enough damage on board early on to ensure victory.

BRD diminishes Advantage!:

Deck Construction: 11/20 points

Blackwings Deck:

In my opinion, apart from lack of side deck (did not penalise as this is single) you ran too many traps and not enough searching power. Although Kalut was limited to 2 there was nothing stopping you from running 3 Whirlwhind. Usually Blackwings run 2-3 duality, possibly an Allure of Darkness and possibly Feathers to draw into the combo pieces you need to dominate. Without these you were hoping on a top too often than you may have otherwise liked. I saw potential in Starlight Road but your answer when questioned did not really convince me as to why you put it there. Perhaps with Icarus Attack although you generally want to go 2 for 2 with that card, you could possibly cut to 1 or 0 Starlight Road.

Performance:7/15 points

What I would consider 2 misplays of Icarus attack, one on BRD and one after when I summon crane crane. You get lucky with your Shura top but misplay again attempting to summon blizzard which cannot be special summoned.

Extra: 5/5 points

Using different decks: +2
Attitude: +3.

Overall Score: 49/100

Dorm Placement: Uria Red

Potential for Hamon, if you just work on your deck construction and you need to just stop and think through moves at times before rushing into it.
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PostSubject: Re: Results for ULTRABAM1997 (DuelingNetwork Sun Mar 23, 2014 3:20 am

Tester DP Awarded, Dorm Assigned & Thread Locked!

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Results for ULTRABAM1997 (DuelingNetwork

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