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Raviel Blue


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PostSubject: MONO'S APRIL 2014 PREDICTIONS (THREAD) Fri Mar 14, 2014 10:45 pm

These are predictions I have made based on logic of the current META as well as upcoming structure/booster sets coming out. Noted some of your opinions may differ from mine, feel free to comment your ideas bellow.


Evilswarm Exciton Knight
Too splashable in most decks, most overused and overabused card in the current META

Hieratic Seal of the Ashes
I can see Hieratics being hit, and I think this is the perfect solution. It is too abusable with Dragon Rulers which Konami simply will not let die.

A hit for 3.4 Fire Fists and solves the splashability in Fire Based decks.


Abyss Sphere
One of the 2 cards I think will be hit in mermails, the card is nuts at 3 and cutting it back to 1 will help slow the deck down in pace with the current meta

Elemental hero Stratos
New Hero Structure deck support, I thinki Stratos to 1 will hype this. It never deserved to be banned in the first place

Elemental hero Bubbleman
I like how the OCG dealt with the problem of the Hero OTK and I feel that the TCG can also follow suit

As the most stable OTK I expect geargias to get a hit. Gear is an instant +1 not to mention all the shinanigins you can do off of geargiano. Also ahead of support though so again maybe one for next banlist.

Madolche Hootcake
Pre Anjelly release - this may be 1 banlist too early but madolches will need to be hit in the future. I think Hootcake at 1 makes the deck cope-able - besides it can still recycle it

Silent Honors Ark
Rank 4 splashable permanent mind control which any rank 4 deck can abuse. It being put to 1 is the most sensible think konami can do.


Bujini Crane
Enough of this guy at 3...4 Honests in Bujins is overkill

Coach Wolfbark
I do not think Wolfbark will go to 1 as it is being released in gold series later in the year, but it is the most sensible option to semi-limit in fire fists. It is either this or limit bear which would just kill the deck.

Dragon Ravine

It was harsh to send it to 1 as it basically killed dragunities. Unlimiting it will spark more Ruler plays so I feel it has a rightful spot at 2.

Mermail Linde
Second mermail card I think they will hit, again it does not kill off the deck and it can still get some pretty nasty plays under-way

Skill Drain
With the amount of effect based decks going around, I can see this happening, although I am not too sure.

No Longer On List

Lone Fire Blossom
Konami are hyping Sylvans, If this happens I will have to kill them, but I think there is a possibility.


SHOCK MASTER (some people are rumouring this to come back to 1)

INFERNITY BARRIER (seen this placed at 2 in some banlists, but I think infernities are too much of a rogue deck to hit quite yet.)

DARKWORLD SNOWW (pretty much same as barrier)

JUDGEMENT DRAGON (people are anal about lightsworn sacks, I have seen some lists where he has been banned or placed at 1, particularly with the new wyvern craze.)[/color]
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PostSubject: Re: MONO'S APRIL 2014 PREDICTIONS (THREAD) Sat Mar 15, 2014 11:51 am

Mermail Linde won't get hit because mermail Linde is nothing if it doesn't get summon of cards like Abyss Sphere & Mermail Abyssteus.

Rekindling is not that bad & won't be hit the only deck which makes the most use of that card is laval the other decks like fire kings don't need it & ff don't use it much 2.

Stratos will not come back just because of the structure deck coming out stratos is banned in both the tcg & ocg for a reason.

Skill drain will get limited just like soul drain & macro etc because konami don't like cards which stop you playing.

Dragon Ravine will not come back to two unless they ban the rulers any deck which has maded the rulers into a deck by it's self & not just as tech konami hits.

Bujini Crane- I would like to see crane hit to but i don't think this will happen when konami are pushing bujini's.

Evilswarm Exciton Knight will not be banned i think it has only just been released lately in the TCG & i think Exciton Knight will not get hit until a later banlist.

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