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Results for Popscales (YGOpro)

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Raviel Blue


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PostSubject: Results for Popscales (YGOpro) Tue Mar 11, 2014 7:28 pm

Match : Geargia 3/4 Axis (Tester) vs Warriors (Light) ft Cosmic (Testee)

note: granted this was not my best duel, I had a few misplays here and there, unfortunately there are no screens as this duel was on YGOpro, in future I will try figure out a way to take the screen shots to imbed when using pro.

Overview - The deck you played I think was I think too split for you to really get to grips with the game, although you had a nice duel game 2 (you were able to hold me off for a while!). Hand advantage was your downfall in both games, while I was plusing 2/3 each turn you had very little to stop my plays, using your card resources up without replenishing them.

Match Result : (0 points)
Lost match [X.X] = 0 points

Duel 1

Playing first and opening with Armor and Geargiagear this was never going to be an easy duel for you and I left with a lot to ask from you from the beginning.

Your set D.D. warrior lady surprised me, but the amount of pluses I had in turn 3 with 8 cards to your 4 it was always going to be a challenge for you to come back.

Your thrasher play to summon Ancient Sacred Wyvern was nice, unfortunately a set solemn stopped you in your tracks. Even with a backrow of Starlight Road and Compulsory Evac targeting Geargigear X I was able to maintain the field advantage and secure a comfortable win.

Duel 2

Your opening hand was not so great and considering I thought you played quite well.

The duel was quite slow placed, a few turns passing, with a few suprises like your set D-prison. However the lack of effect negation meant that I continued to plus for the next few turns. Turn 5 I felt that you should have set the solemn warning you drew, as I go into Soul of Silver-Mountain stopping you from using your other D-prison.

Turn 6 I got punished for overextending with your set Torrential, but the 3 axis put in the work and I was able to plus from the destructions.

In the end I run you down on your resources and you are unable to really get the field presence needed to overthrow me.

Deck Construction : (9 points)

Overview: The deck seemed cloggy with no real draw engine or any effect negations like veilers or fiendish chains. Some of your main deck choices I felt had a better place in the side deck for example night beams, the deck has potential...if you diversify it.

What I liked - Unique build, good use of the extra deck and those synchro 7 monsters.

Area for improvement - Think about what vitally you need in order for the deck to function, you should add cards which can help with effect negation such as veilers and fiendish chains, particularly in a format like this one, also make better use of your side deck, I only saw I think 1 card sided in...I am sure you could have used more. Maybe add a dark engine like 3 tour guide, 2 tragoedia and then think about have chaos sorcerer or BLS as boss monsters.

Performance : (11 points)

Your performance was actually good for the hands which you were dealt and how you played them out, you possibly could have been more resourceful on one or two occasions but other than that you played well. No notable misplays!

Single Duel: Harpies (Tester) vs Karakuri Morphtronic (Testee)

Lost Game: 0 Points

Overview: If I am honest, I have never seen this kind of deck before, I do not think it blended that well together. This is of course just my opinion but I would have run either Morphtronics or Karakuris on their own.

Top decking that Channeler gave me the advantage to keep on top of your Burei and the misplay with limiter removal before damage calculation meant I was able to claim victory.

Deck Construction: 8 points

The deck did not really function as 1 unit - it was more 2 halves to 1 deck. I think that if you focused on a pure build of 1 or the other archtype the deck would have been a lot better. It needed more trap protection and draw power.

What I liked - Thinking outside of the box - this is what makes yugioh so good, and good to see you supported the Karakuri side to your deck!

Areas for improvements - Needs more traps and more protection, things like Lances can really help, the fact that the deck is mostly monsters does not really help. Extra deck could do with some xyz monsters - especially rank 4s, not only synchros!

Performance:8 points

Your misplay in turn 7 really I think was the only point at which you could have gained any kind of advantage over my field presence, even then, although your hand didn't really help you out some of your plays were questionable.

Extra: 5 points

Using different decks: +2
Attitude: +3.

Overall Score: 40/100

Dorm Placement: Uria Red

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PostSubject: Re: Results for Popscales (YGOpro) Wed Mar 12, 2014 8:06 am

Tester DP Awarded, Dorm Assigned & Thread Locked!

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Results for Popscales (YGOpro)

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