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Chaos Phantom Test Rules

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PostSubject: Chaos Phantom Test Rules Fri Nov 01, 2013 10:10 pm

Chaos Phantom Testing Rules:

Requirements for giving Chaos Phantom Test:

  • It costs 1000 DP.
  • You need 50 Battle Arena wins
  • You must be Dormed in Raviel Blue.


Test consists of 2 Sections.

Section 1: This section consists of 2 Match duels we encourage testees to use different decks between the duels.

Format for Duel Testing:

Match Duel:
Quote :
Forbidden List: The most recent Forbidden List must be used
Allowed Cards: TCG/OCG
Time Limit: 180
“Enable Priority” must be off
“Don’t check deck” must be off
“Do not shuffle deck” must be off
Starting LP: 8000
Starting Hand: 5
Cards per Draw: 1
Match Scoring: (50 points total)

Match Result : (2x15 points)
X = Lost
O = Won
Losing a match [X.X.X] = 0 points 
Losing a match [O.X.X] = 3 points
Losing a match [X.O.X] = 5 points
Winning a match [O.X.O] = 8 points 
Winning a match [X.O.O] = 10 points
Winning a match [O.O] = 15 points

Deck Construction : (30 points)

Deck Count - Your deck size
Consistency And Synergy - How well your deck works together
Creativity - How Creative you were with your deck  
Sophistication - How much of a unique touch you’ve put on the deck

Performance : (20 points)
Misplays / Comebacks / Side decking etc.
Tester should explain why they give or took points off 

Extra: (5 points)

Using different decks +3
Attitude +2
Using the same deck in both matches -5

Section 2: This is a Quiz section consisting Ruling and Game Mechanics Quiz.

Quiz Scoring:(2x10 points total)

Right Answer - 2 points
Wrong Answer - 0 points

Overall Possible Score: -5/125

*Passing Mark is 80+ Points


  • You can ask a retest after a month or more, or by buying the instant retest item from the main shop for 300 DPs. 
  • After 1 month of your initial test, you can take a retest by paying 100 DP.
  • An instant retest can be bought only once per week.
  • A tester will be awarded 200DPs per test.
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Chaos Phantom Test Rules

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