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Results for Codymartin (Yumagirl78901) DuelingNetwork

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PostSubject: Results for Codymartin (Yumagirl78901) DuelingNetwork Sat Mar 01, 2014 2:11 pm

Match : Harpies (Tester) vs Noble Arms/Knights (Testee)

Overview - A hard match up for you, some of your deck choices did not aid you in really getting any kinds of plays going here - the 2 games were for the most part extremely one sided.

Match Result : (0 points)
Lost match [X.X] = 0 points

Duel 1

Turn 1 Phantom beast left you with a lot of work to do!:

You manage to Dark Hole my first turn Mecha Phantom beast and then try take advantage with medraut - but you had a misplay not using lance in battlephase on mecha phantom beast but rather in your MP1 meaning I can fiendish chain your knight when you attempt to attack over it and then take control of the board.

You never really recover with only 3 cards in your hand and a swift Hysteric Party is enough to win the game in a swoop of wings (after some confusion in calculation!)

Hysteric Party for the win!:

Duel 2

A more eventful game 2...

You open more promisingly with drystan equipped with Gallatin (my ruling error which I didn’t read drystan correctly lets you keep it but misplayed here otherwise)

Mecha beast puts  in more work for me as I first turn summon him again…I feel you misplayed with fiendish chain opting to use it when I attack rather than when I attempt to summon tokens.

You synchro into your Ignoble Knight boss…but a swift Fiendish Chain stops your play!
I normal out my Harpie and activate Icarus…clearing the way for a direct 2600 Mecha attack, the hand advantage is yours though!

ROTA and a timely Dark Hole leave me hanging precariously in the game and adds Borz to your hand which you normal and then S.S Laundsallyn and equip with Gallatin to take out Mecha!

Queen saves me the game as I search out ground which I then use for Monk moments later I use to summon S.H. Ark and equip with your Ignoble Knight…leaving you to top!
Your top comes, lady of the lake – my misplay means you sync into Ignoble Knight but I Fiendish Chain preventing you from getting your search.

Unfortunately for you S.H. ark proves too strong and I crash into Laundsallyn and take the game the next turn

S.H. ARK wins the game!:

Deck Construction : (11 points)

Noble Knights Deck:

Overview: A good use of Fiendish Chains and Effect Veilers, especially in a format like this with lots of monster effects. Unfortunately in my opinion I have to score you under half marks as you make no use of your side deck at all, in future ensure you use your side deck to side in cards which could potentially hurt your opponent, there would have been lots of options which could have meant that you had more of a chance in game 2. There is also a lack of draw power and it seems that you needed more to get the cards you needed to your hand faster,the deck list did not help and looked like it made your hand cloggy at times.

What I liked - variety of rank 4s to go into, good use of veilers, Honest and Fiendish Chains.

Area for improvement - Think about adding cards such as Pot of Duality, Reckless Greed or Maxx "C" (Maxx "C" should definitely be a card you side). Ensure you get a fully thought out idea of your build - what I mean by this is you ran 1 vanilla, if you had instead opted to run Rescue Rabbit alongside another 2 vanillas this would most certainly have improved your Synergy. Make full use of your side deck.

Performance : (9 points)

2 Notable misplays - 1 with Drystan, the other with fiendish chain MP1
No use of side deck thwarted my ability to award you more points.
A good comeback duel 2 with dark hole and Borz

Single Duel: Raccoons (Tester) vs Six Sammies (Testee)

Lost Game: 0 Points

Overview: The onslaught of Obedience Schooled giving me my number 64 which generated 2 2300 beaters was enough to seal victory for me, even with a Stong opening from you.

A strong open had me worried!:

Obedience School too good!:

Deck Construction: 9 points

Six Sammies deck:

Not a bad build of XYZ...but its the fact you went for an XYZ build which let you down. Personally have seen very few of these. Six Sammies are all about Shi-En and the lack of him in this game cost you, especially in going first - you could have put a stop to Obedience Schooled. IMO cards like chancellor are sub par to kagemusha and other cards like Ascentism which can really help give you that field presence which you need in order to beat down other decks. Nice to see Old-Skool cards like Great Shogun. IMO too many monsters, and not enough protection without cards like Shi-En and stuff like Lances or Magatama. Look to expand your side deck too, I did not penalise you for the lack of side deck as this was a single.

What I liked - Draw power off 3 Dojo and 3 United. I would probably drop off 1 Dojo though.

Areas for improvements - Add more protection - I would personally run the synchro build as you can go into cards like Barkion, Beast and Shi-En. There were too many monsters and the trap line up seemed a bit random.

Performance: 9 points

You performed relatively well. No notable missplays and you opened strong and you had me worried with that set CED. IMO unfortunately your build let you down here...not your performance.

Extra: 5 points

Using different decks: +2
Attitude: +3. Good you did not give up in match game 2 and duelled to the end.

Overall Score: 43/100

Dorm Placement: Uria Red

Note the comments, ensure next time you use side deck and possibly take a look at online deck profiles to help you with any tech choices you may have.
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PostSubject: Re: Results for Codymartin (Yumagirl78901) DuelingNetwork Sun Mar 02, 2014 10:06 pm

Tester DP Awarded, Dorm Assigned & Thread Locked!

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Results for Codymartin (Yumagirl78901) DuelingNetwork

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