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Skill Prisoner.

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Raviel Blue


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PostSubject: Skill Prisoner. Sat Feb 01, 2014 2:37 am


Hey People and welcome to my second Card of the week Article , I hope you'll find this one interesting as I was at first I have heard of it , Skill Prisoner was released lately , It's currently an OCG card , some of you may have heard me talking about this card before and how I said that it has potential to be in future side/main decks.

Moving on to why I really like this card! First off something to take note of is that unlike its brother Trap Cards Skill Successor and Breakthrough Skill, this card can be banished from your Graveyard during your OPPONENT'S turn to use its effect. Right now, Mystical Space Typhoon is a 3 of in almost every deck, and some people are even going as far as playing multiple copies of Dust Tornado as well. This means the power of the trendy card Fiendish Chain drops tremendously as you can simply chain MST to it, or even outright just destroy it period. However, this is not a problem for Skill Prisoner. If destroyed, you can simply use its effect from the Graveyard to protect any card you control from a Monster effect that targets. To name a few popular cards, we have Fire Fist Bear, Gorilla, and Cardinal, Dracossack, Big Eye, Hieratic Su and Nebthet, Lightning Chidori, Constellar Pleiades and more.

Of course like most cards, there are pros and cons when comparing it to Fiendish Chain. Fiendish Chain can stop effects that do not target cards, like  Fire Fist Rooster, Hieratic Atum, or Harpie Channeler, so many time Fiendish Chain is still more useful, but that does not mean at some point in time Skill Prisoner could not become one of the best Trap cards in a given format (especially if something were to happen to Fiendish Chain, like getting Limited).

Finally, the last few things I love about Skill Prisoner is that it's one of the few cards in the game that can stop Effect Veiler. If your opponent Effect Veilers your monster, you can simply chain your Skill Prisoner, and Skill Prisoner will go and negate Veiler from stopping your monsters effect. I found this extremely useful in my Harpie deck as Veiler can cripple important Chidori or Zerofyne plays. You can as well grab this card along with an Hysteric Sign for Magical Hats in Harpies, allowing you not only to search out 3 Harpie cards at the end of the turn, but also protecting your next turns plays from a possible Effect Veiler as well as in a Lightsworn deck , since the new support now make Lightsworns pretty fast and can deckout fast , this card combined with breakthrough skill can make you immune from any monster effects...Pretty nifty if you ask me!

Feel free to comment below or if i missed anything.

Peace out~
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Skill Prisoner.

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