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Instant Retest- Zsadist

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PostSubject: Instant Retest- Zsadist Mon Jan 27, 2014 6:30 pm

Match Duel~

Constellar vs. Traptrix - [1:2] 18/20 Points

Duel 1:You can add traps from deck that was good.When i summoned Pleiades you stopped it for a while but couldn't remove it from the field.Then you summoned Number 18: Heraldic plain-coat which wasn't useful atoll.As you know your deck lacked special summoning.You were unable to destroy my Pleiades and finally lost No major misplays
Note- Your traps were helpful but you should put in some new cards of Traptrix which helps in special summoning.

Duel 2:Unfortunately my connection was very unstable and we cannot duel this round nicely.

Duel 3:Seriously your traps were very helpful you had full control over the duel and finally won.Nice duel, adding traps and monsters were you plus points.No major misplays

Performance - 19/20

Deck - 27/30

Single Duel~

Gravekeeper vs. Vampire Empire -  0/5 Points

You deck was working very slow.You were unable to do anything in that duel.You had problems in summoning your lv 5 monster that was in you hand, well that is always a problem in those types of decks but you need to make a strategy and execute according to it.Changing your deck a bit will hep you to improve.

Note- Transturn was not useful much you should put some more book of life.Replace one or two Goblin zombie with pyramid turtle.And need some effect negating cards such as effect viler or fiendish chain.

Performance - 11/15

Deck - 3/5

Total: 78/95


Attitude: +3
Different decks: +2

Grand total points scored: 83/100

Congratulation, you are back to Hammon!.You need more time as I said last time and should use a deck in which you have good control, I m sure that would help you to become Raviel Blue next time.

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Instant Retest- Zsadist

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