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Interrogation #2: Atif2z

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PostSubject: Interrogation #2: Atif2z Thu Jan 16, 2014 7:43 pm

Hello Atif2z!!! Thanks for dropping into our Interrogation room.. How are you doing?
I m just doing good..checking stuffs and planing to do more things
I see you live in India could you say to us how its living there?

Its good to live here in many ways.Its a developing country and a fun place. I am happy that i m born here.
There are many things we get here but not everything.I like facing problem coming in front of me. it´s very hard to get anything here.To archive anything in India you need a strong devotion and very hard work.
The competions in every line are increasing day-by-day.
So thats what its making hard to get a simple thing

When did you started playing yugioh and was you already a fine duelist?

I used to watch yu-gi-oh in TV when i was in 8th  or 9th grade.I loved it watching i never used to miss any episode of it.but unfortunately the last episode i watched was duelist Kingdom. It was not shown anymore. After so many year when in colledge now i download the offline games of Yu-gi-oh ,got bored playing just with CPU then i found this game on internet. I never even knew its being played online and it will have such lot of fans practicing it. I started playing in DN after i got to know how to play this game and got to understand what the cards actually means.I registered ther on june/25/2013. The 1st deck i had there was scraps.

More in particulary when you started in DN and YgoPro?

No not every person is a fine duelist already. I started this game playing in the beginig of 2013.The 1st i played on was Ygopro tdoane(The dawn of New Era). Shocked to see alot of new card types.Never even knew whats xyz and synchros.I hardly even knew the rules nicely.I just used to play with classic decks(without xyz and synchros).UltraViolet was one of the friends whom i used to play with the most.Practicing this game more and more made me learn alot of things.Finally learned almost everything.
CEA was the 1st academy i joined only when UltraViolet asked me to join.When i entered there i saw that this academy was the full of pro players.There i had alot of training.Got to know whats call meta and i hate them.But i knew if i want to become a good player i'll have to learn how to play metas. So i tryed to learn them. My 1st meta deck was Fire fist. I still don't likes meta.                                                   I participated in my 1st Weekly bash that was #Weekly Bash 36.I was knocked out at the 1st round lol.I tried my luck on the next one too but happend the same.I used to think if i could even win a any event and get a userbar.Then again i tried was on #39th i used evilswarm and reached till the semi-finals but no way i could reach to the finals.But the day was i made a new deck and was confident enough to beat anybody..Ii took part again with my new constellars and reached to the finals.It was Salik my opponent.I beat him in the Finals and then only i thought I am a good player now.

For last but not least how it was for you two create NOA? How was you guys had the idea?

We had our team called Relinquished.UltraViolet and DuelDisk created it and the name was by me.UltraViolet managed it verywell and therefore he created a team forum,where we used to post every wins and losses and many other stuffs.Me and UltraViolet used to do the gfx over ther.Then Later UltraViolet got bored of this game because of metas.He used to play it still but not like before..so he had alot of time to make a forum.It was his hard work which created NOA not me.I just helped him a little.Being on Relinquished we became even more good firends.When he was creating it I was the only 1 whom he 1st told bout his forum.He asked to help him out for things and we started completing the forum together.
Don't know from where making a forum striked into his head but it was a very good idea to make 1.
It kept me busy so i was happy to help him with it

Thank you for the interview and hope our academy menbers seem you from other eyes

Thank you Zsadist for taking my interview and your welcome
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PostSubject: Re: Interrogation #2: Atif2z Sat Jan 18, 2014 7:31 pm

Gd interview Zsadist & it wasn't really meta which annoyed me it was 1 of the things but nt that much because i used meta.

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Interrogation #2: Atif2z

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