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Battle Simulation Dice Rules

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PostSubject: Battle Simulation Dice Rules Sat Jan 04, 2014 3:23 pm

Battle Simulation Dice Rules


This game will be like an normal duel but simulated by dices
The battle will be conduct by dices
One whit monsters and other with spells


There can only be performed one battle between same members once a day
Maximus of 2 battles for user into 3 days
The winner gets 50dp
And if its a draw 25dp

Special rules:

You win 300 dp by winning whit all sacred beasts
Mataza The Zapper atk its doubled
If krebons its destroyed the owner of that card loses immediately
When speed warrior attacks its attack its doubled

How to roll:

Use two dices:

First dice  monsters dice at 3

Second dice spells dice also at 3

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Battle Simulation Dice Rules

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