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Test Result: WarierSolution

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PostSubject: Test Result: WarierSolution Sun Dec 29, 2013 6:00 am

Match 1~

Constellar vs. Heraldic Beast - [1:2] 15/20 Points

Duel 1:Played well with no misplays. I wasn't able to duel summon a turn but you special summoned allot of monsters and beat me up with nice techniques, Very Good!

Duel 2:You had the right sides but unfortunately it either it was destroyed or never appeared.You played well just never knew Honest was coming which made you loose the duel.

Duel 3:You deck was unstoppable, it is the best Heraldic Deck I have ever seen.It has nice techniques and a very unique touch.You were able to special summon allot and was able
to remove my sides without any difficulties.It was incredible.Very well played!

Performance - 19/20 Points

Deck - 30/30


GraveKeepers vs. Lv2 Beast -  0/5 Points

You played good, you could special summon allot of monsters at once.your had every thing it needed it was just i was fortunate enough to use 'Royal Tribute' at the right time which made you loose all cards in your hand.And Finally you lost.

Performance - 12/15

Deck - 5/5

Total: 81/95


Attitude: +3
Different decks: +2

Grand total points scored: 86/100

Congratulations, you are Hammon Yellow!.You are just 4 marks away to become Raviel Blue, you played awesome and your decks were very good and different from others.I think you can do even much better and I m sure you will become Raviel blue next time.

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Test Result: WarierSolution

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