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Raviel Blue

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PostSubject: TEST RESULTS: BadLove Fri Nov 15, 2013 10:36 pm

Match Duel

Twilight Masked Hero vs Infernity: [2-1] 10/20 points

Performance: 15/20 points
Deck: 22/30 points

Basic Infernity deck...Zero Max at 3 is cloggy, Beetles are rather slow this format and 3 Grephers are also over the top. Better to run 2 or run 1 Grepher and 1 Armageddon. The addition of Earthbound Ccapac is not needed and especially if you run only 1 Fieldspell. Infernity is all about making your hand clear and imo those cards can mess up those intentions. Misplays are the common plays i see 2 often from you: Setting Traps and Spells on the field before you are going into the BP....Wait untill you're going in MP 2.

Single Duel

Junk Doppel vs Thunder: WIN - 5/5 points

Performance: 14/15
Deck: 3/5

Not bad at all when i checked your build at first sight...A few things i like to advice you though...Both Gorz and Fiendish Chain are discussable, Batteryman AAA and Sishunder are not needed in the deck and can be replaced with Vylon Prism and Forbidden Lances, especially if you run Cardcar D's...You need to have the ability to set your board as full as possible when goin into the tribute of your Cardcar D. Good performance but struggling to run over my Junk Doppel is the reason why i say you need the option to go into possible Synchro plays...A Crimson Blader and i couldnt summon a single thing. This meta you really need Crimson or at least some good sidings to prevent heavy special summons.

Total: 69/95


Attitude: +3
Different decks: +2

You are RED mate...You play decent but you need that extra to make it to a higher dorm. I know you quite well and everyday i see you becoming stronger! Focus on the builds and play more relaxed. I'm sure you have the potential to be at least Hamon. Work hard, ask for advice and see you soon in a yellow outfit!!!

Grand total points scored: 74/100
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PostSubject: Re: TEST RESULTS: BadLove Mon Nov 18, 2013 1:38 pm

Tester DP Awarded, Dorm Assigned & Thread Locked!

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